Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Tell to The World (Part I)

Today, i'm telling about somethin to the world. It was so secret but until know, i have to tell that who am I. May be its to exaggerate or embarrassing. But something i think that i have to do this. Maybe because of shy or self-conscious.

I grew up in the simple family, ordinary. During childhood, i was stay in grandfather's home with my uncle and aunt, and of course my male chousin. I felt so happy, if i there is so funny full happy. in contrary with my family full cryed and  anger. Because of my dad always anger, its so scare for me. So, this condition made me escaped from this situation.

 I felt that my mother is my grandmother and my father is my grandfater. i always asked money to granfa money because he never angry to me eventhough i always acted like that. Sometimes I sleep with them. I always got at my grandparents' praying in very long time everyday. But it made me peace into my soul. I was stay there for along time in days until my age ten years.

My grandfa is tall, white skin and he dont have teeth. he always used false teeth. If he smell no teeth you can see. Im so kind with him eventhough i never said it and i dont have a reason to love her. because my hearth so peace if i  was beside him. He is a teacher and he have many students in his home. He teach in his home. Every students give respect to him, huge and kiss him. sometimes i got that is so strange and i dont know why. Because i always asked him money and sleep with him, and stay in his bedroom.

My grandma is so shrewish and she still alive until now. He had longevity age, may be 100years. He had 20 more grandchildren and 10 more great-grandchild. Wow, it amazing to me. He still health and  I think  I am beloved grandchildren (hehehe hehe). ( to be countined)


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